Are 32″ Monitors Too Big? (For PC Gaming, PS5/XBOX Gaming, Netflix, or any Everyday Use)

Are 32 inch Monitors Too Big

We all want a screen that is huge and engaging, but is there a thing as “too big screen” when it comes to a monitor screen? I am pretty sure many of us went through the scenario where we stumble upon a monitor with the perfect rate, a reliable resolution, and a really rapid response and it appears to tick all the boxes. But the question that holds you back is “Is the size of the monitor too big?”. 

Therefore, I am here to remove your query of ‘how big of a monitor is too big’ and if 32”  monitors are too big for you.

If you like to thrive on multitasking by opening several windows on a single screen or you are someone who really enjoys pc gaming, PS5/XBOX gaming, Netflix, or any everyday use then 32” monitors are the perfect size for you. The 32″ monitors are always considered as the best size but can give you eye strains if the monitors don’t have blue screen feature.

Are 32” Monitors too big

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What makes a monitor too big?

If you’re thinking about getting a 32” Monitor, here are a few of the things you would need to know. Firstly, let’s talk about your desk. If your desk is not big enough, your monitor might not fit properly on it and then you would end up with an uncomfortable view if you sit too close or you need to sit really far away. 

Next is the ‘resolution’ which is the quality of the images on the screen. Monitors that are big but have the same resolution as smaller ones might not look as clear because the pixels are stretched out more on the big screen. So when picking a 32” monitor, make sure you’re considering its resolution. 

Moving on to your computer, you might assume that a bigger monitor means a bigger computer too. But that is not the case. Your computer is more inclined towards the number of pixels rather than the screen’s size. So it takes a similar amount of computer power to show images on a big 32” screen as it would on a much smaller or bigger one. 

Even after all this, it is not necessary that a 32” monitor is the best choice for you, it totally depends on how you utilize it. 

What makes a monitor too big

How far should you sit from a 32-inch monitor?

The ideal distance for sitting across a 32-inch monitor falls between the typical range of 2.5 to 4 feet. This range is good because it is a perfect balance between being close enough to enjoy the details whilst also making sure that you do not strain your eyes. It is far enough that you do not need to move your head too much and you can easily watch the whole screen too. 

Although, your personal preference matters and visual comfort can vary, so adjusting the distance according to your need is not a problem. 

How far should you sit from a 32-inch monitor

Is the 32-inch monitor too big for 1080p?

When it comes to the 32-inch monitor, a resolution of 1080p is fine but it depends on how close you sit to the monitor and the way you will use it. On the size of a 32-inch monitor, 1080p might not make things as sharp as it would on a smaller screen with the same resolution. 

If you sit at some distance, you will notice that the pixels are more in a 32-inch monitor as compared to a smaller one. Now this might create a slightly messy visual if you are working with detailed images. So while using the monitor while editing or such a task, you might want to go for 1040p for clearer images. 

Although, if it is an everyday task like just browsing or surfing then only the distance factor matters and you are all good.

Is a 32-inch monitor too big for gaming

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Is a 32-inch monitor too big for gaming?

Whether a 32-inch monitor is too big for gaming or not totally depends upon your personal preference. Some gamers like me enjoy the experience of visuals on a huge screen but some might not prefer it.

It also depends upon the game you’re playing and if it is fast-paced or slow-paced. Usually, viewers get an amazing experience playing slow-paced games on a 32-inch monitor. 

Additionally, when there is a lot happening in your vision, it is possible for you to have a hard time focusing, especially in tense competitive games. So when you use a 32-inch monitor, it would mean that you would also have to move your eyes more, usually in fast-paced games. This can make your eyes strain if you play for long hours. 

Consequently, if you are planning to play fast-paced games for long hours, it is better to go for a monitor with a smaller size because that way you will not need to move your head much.

Is a 32-inch monitor too big for gaming 1

Is A 32-inch Monitor Too Big for Office Work, Design, or Everyday Use? 

Whether a 32-inch monitor is too big for office work, design, or everyday use totally depends upon your use. 

If we talk about office work, it sounds beneficial, since you can open multiple tabs side by side, making it easier for you to work on documents, spreadsheets etc. So it is easier for you to see more of your work without constantly switching tabs.

Furthermore, Design tasks can also benefit from a big monitor screen. If you are someone working as graphic designer,or video editor, or any other creative tasks for that matter, a bigger monitor screen will give you more space to look at the detailed content. 

Not only that, a 32-inch monitor screen can also be fun when using it for everyday tasks for a great visual experience. Whether it be internet browsing, watching videos or working on some document, it can give you an immersive experience.

Is A 32-inch Monitor Too Big for Office Work, Design, or Everyday use

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Is a 32-inch Monitor Too Big for Watching Movies & Streaming Videos?

Not at all, a 32-inch Monitor is perfect for streaming videos or watching movies and it will provide an awesome setup for you to have a full blown experience. If your 32-inch monitor has 4k resolution, then you are totally in for some super sharp visuals and an immersive experience. And cherry on top if you have a good sound system or exceptional headphones, then you’re in for a ride. So as long as you position yourself at the right distance, a 32-inch monitor is suitable to watch movies and stream videos. 

What Resolution Does a 31.5”/32” Monitor Need?

For a 31.5”/32” Monitor, the ideal resolution would depend on your usage. For general usage, like using internet or office work, a 1080p (HD) is totally alright. Although, if you are into designing or photo editing, a higher resolution like 1440p (2K) would offer a better visual with good clarity.

Similarly, for gaming, the resolution can affect how crisp your games look. So for a good visual, 1440p is often a fine choice. Whereas, if you aim for high-end gaming, then 4K resolution is way too good.

Concluding, at the end of the day, the resolution would depend upon your usage. 

What Resolution Does a 31.5 32 Monitor Need

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Benefits of Using Big Screen Monitors

Using a big screen monitor offers a range of advantages mentioned below.

Benefits of Using Big Screen Monitors

Increased screen real estate

An increased screen real estate means that you have more space available on your monitor’s display. This is important because it allows you to have multiple applications, windows or documents open at a time. For people who need to be in between multiple tasks on their computer, this is extremely helpful.

Enhanced productivity 

A big monitor screen contributes to your productivity by providing a large workspace for you to operate. The increased space allows for better organization, and you can spread out your work, arrange windows, and be able to see more details at once. Consequently enabling you to manage tasks more efficiently. 

Improved Visual experience

With a big monitor screen, images, videos, and content would appear larger with more detail. This way, any kind of text and graphic will be easier to read. Not only that but also, a larger display will give you complex visual details that you might miss on a smaller screen. This is very helpful for people who do design work. With a bigger screen, you will get to work with enhanced visuals. 

Enhanced multimedia editing

When editing images or videos, a big screen allows you to see finer details and make any precise adjustments where necessary. So for people who work on intricate designs, this is a huge benefit. For video editing, the larger screen enables you to have a clear view of the timeline making the editing process easier for you. Similarly, in audio it allows you to have a better arrangement of tracks. So it is a win-win overall. 

Easier collaboration 

With more screen space, it will be easier for multiple people to edit simultaneously and for you to review it. Moreover, it will eliminate the need for constant scrolling or switching, whilst also making it easier for you to share documents in a group, making your collaboration more productive. 

Reduced eye strain (if monitor comes with blue screen feature!)

Reduced eye strain is one of the most important benefits that comes with a big monitor screen. A large screen will provide more screen to display content which will reduce the need for you to squint your eyes, hence minimizing the strain. Text will appear larger, and the components will be clearer, further reducing the strain. So, a bigger monitor screen results in reduced eye strain and good visuals. 

Gaming and multimedia entertainment 

For gaming, a bigger screen permits you to have an in-game kinda experience. You get to view the gaming elements in a better way and have an enhanced cinematic experience, and slow-paced games are really fun on a big screen. Moreover, You can also easily play with your friends and family. So overall, gaming and multimedia on enhanced screens is a captivating experience. 

Better organization and workflow

 Better organization and smooth workflow are also really important benefits of a big monitor screen. The increased screen real estate provides the space to manage several documents at a time leading to efficient workflow. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to open several tabs simultaneously, and manage emails, documents, and analyze data. The expanded space is guaranteed to organize your work. 

Accessibility and readability

Accessibility and readability increase when using a big monitor screen. For people with visual imparity who have a hard time watching the screen, big text and icons will come in handy. Moreover, the increased space allows for better layout and spacing of content, increasing the readability. So whether it is browsing websites or engaging with digital content, a bigger monitor screen contributed to satisfying visuals. 

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Is a 32-inch monitor a good size?

A 32-inch monitor is a good size for several uses but it depends upon your line of demand. For gaming, designing, and multimedia, a 32-inch monitor will provide an excellent visual experience because the larger, the better. It also helps in productivity and is efficient in multitasking. Although, if your desk space is too small, a 32-inch monitor can be overwhelming. So, it all depends on what you need it for.

Why do gamers use 24-inch monitors?

Gamers commonly prefer a 24-inch monitor because they have higher pixel density, fast response and a maximum field of view. They are also affordable and offer smoother performance, this is why they are used in many tournaments.

How do you travel with a 32-inch monitor?

Traveling with a 32 inch monitor can be hard because of its size and fragility. Make sure to carry it in its original packing, and invest in a hard travel case if necessary. Also, bubble wrap is important so the monitor or any other component is not damaged. You can pack the cable and accessories separately so they don’t damage the monitor and label the box with fragile caution. Choose the less bumpiest transport and you are good to go.

Which monitor size is the best for eyes?

Usually, the ideal monitor size ranges somewhere between 24-27 inches. On this site, you can have a balance between readable text, comfortable viewing distance, and very clear images.

Is 1080p okay on a 32-inch monitor?

Using a 1080p resolution on a 32-inch monitor might not make things as sharp as on smaller screens with the same resolution. For regular stuff like work or basic games it might be alright, but for graphic designing or video editing, you would need a more clearer and detailed image. A higher resolution of 1440p would be better, but nonetheless, in the end, it depends on what you do on the monitor.

What size desk for a 32-inch monitor?

Any desk that is about 48 to 55 inches wide would be fine for a 32-inch monitor. This will give you the space to keep the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, while also allowing you space for other items.

Which is better, a flat or curved monitor?

If we break them down into two categories, A flat monitor is usually good for regular work such as visiting websites, and other related work. They are also budget friendly and don’t cost you much which is why they are preferred by most people. On the other hand, curved monitors are particularly popular among gamers and people who are multimedia fans. And even though they are a bit expensive, at the end of the day it all boils down to whatever you need a monitor for.


As we have explored, I am pretty sure that by now you can easily find out if a 32” monitor is too big for you or not. We know that a 32-inch monitor is big enough to give you an immersive visual experience, enhanced productivity, and engaging games. However, it is important that you keep the balance between screen and desk size, and the viewing distance. Whether it is for work or entertainment, considering your own needs and buying anything accordingly is important. 

The decision just revolves around what suits your lifestyle and enhances your computer experience. Hopefully, you will be able to decide if you need a 32” monitor or not.

Meta Description: Are 32” monitors too big or just right? Discover the benefits, considerations, and personal preferences that guide your decision. Determine if a 32” monitor aligns with your needs by going through this article. 

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