Best Monitor For Lost Ark – Reviewed for 2024

Best Monitor For Lost Ark

Looking for the Best Monitor For Lost Ark? Got your back!

Remember the time when we were young and the only thing close to gaming that we had was a handheld brick game? Or Pinball or Solitaire if we ever got so lucky to use our parent’s computer. Well fast forward to the last few decades and the gaming industry has seen a rapid surge in its advancement, from Playstation to Xbox to Nintendo.

Gaming has been made more convenient, realistic, and magnificent. One of the famous games that you might have heard of is Lost Ark unless you’re living under a rock. Lost Ark is an MMORPG released first in South Korea in 2019 and later on published by Amazon Games.

This game has a world of its own, so for you to enjoy Arkesian legends to the fullest, Today I have compiled a list of 11 Best Monitors For Lost Ark. So, Let’s get started.

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Best Monitor For Lost Ark At a Glance

For playing MMORPG titles like Lost Ark, Dell Alienware AW3420DW and Acer CBL282K smiiprx are the best monitor for lost ark because they come with high resolutions and high refresh rates!

  1. Optimal Monitor For Lost Ark: Z-Edge U27P4K Monitor
  2. Ultrawide Monitor For Lost Ark: Acer Nitro XV340CK Monitor
  3. Professional Monitor for MMORPG: LG 34GN850-B Monitor
  4. Gaming Monitor for Lost Ark: MSI G27CQ4 Monitor
  5. Curved Monitor: Samsung Odyssey G55A Monitor
  6. 27 Inch Monitor for Gaming: KOORUI 27 Inch Monitor
  7. Runner Up: ASUS TUF VG279Q1A Monitor
  8. Runner Up: Samsung Odyssey G3 series LF24G35TFBNXZA Monitor
  9. Runner Up: KOORUI Monitor

Comparison Battle Between Best Monitor For Lost Ark

BrandSizeResolutionRefresh Rate For More
Alienware AW3420DW34 Inches 3440×1440 Pixels120 HzView on Amazon
Acer CBL282K smiiprx28 Inches3840 x 2160 Pixels60 HzView on Amazon
Z-Edge U27P4K27 Inches3840×2160 Pixels60 HzView on Amazon
Acer Nitro XV340CK34 Inches3440 x 1440 Pixels144 HzView on Amazon
LG 34GN850-B34 Inches3440 x 1440 Pixels144 HzView on Amazon
MSI G27CQ427 Inches2560 x 1440 Pixels165 HzView on Amazon
Samsung Odyssey G55A32 Inches‎2560 x 1440 Pixels
165 HzView on Amazon
KOORUI 27 Inch Monitor27 Inches2560 x 1440 Pixels144 HzView on Amazon
ASUS TUF VG279Q1A27 Inches1920 x 1080 Pixels165 HzView on Amazon
Samsung Odyssey G3 LF24G35TFBNXZA24 Inches1920 x 1080 Pixels144 HzView on Amazon
KOORUI Monitor24.5 Inches1920 x 1080 Pixels 170 HzView on Amazon

Best Monitor For Lost Ark: Alienware AW3420DW

This 34-inch monitor with a WQHD resolution and a curved screen coming with all the right specs makes it a match made in a haven for playing the lost ark. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, this model has given other computer monitors a run for their money while making it through the list of my best computer monitors for the lost ark

Why is Alienware AW3420DW my choice as No. 1 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

Well, I’d rather say, why shouldn’t it be? The 34-inch screen with a1900R curved display and a 21:9 aspect ratio is designed according to the curvature of the human eye and maximizes the visual field of the user making it possible for him, or her, to look for enemies in every nook and cranny,  while at the same time, reducing the fatigue associated with prolong game playing.

This model is enhanced with an Alien Fx Lighting System that gives a new meaning to your gaming. The WQHD provides a 1.79 times sharper image than a WFHD resolution, helping you in making out the tiniest detail of this game.

With its IPS nano color technology, a response rate of 2ms and refresh rate of 120 Hz, input lag and image ghosting has become ancient history now.

What advantages does Alienware AW3420DW have over other monitors?

  • 1900R curved 21:9 wide display The 3440×1440 resolution wide angle curved display is designed according to the comfort of your eye. The display effortlessly falls under your peripheral visual field. 
  • WQHD resolution  The resolution provided by this WQHD feature is 1.8 times more discreet than a regular WFHD resolution giving you the richest and most dense graphics with 4.9 million pixels that leave no stone unturned in turning your game into a reality 
  • NVIDIA G Sync Technology  A grey-to-grey response time of 2ms and refresh rate of 120 Hz enriched with NVIDIA G Sync technology where the screen frame synchronizes with the GPUs graphic card, providing you distortion-free gaming visuals with no image ghosting

98% DCI-P3 Color coverage The advanced Nano color technology takes you through a journey that is no less than a feeling of being inside the world of Arkesia with a color gamut more diverse than a conventional sRGB.

Final Verdict

Embark on a journey to Arkesia with an Alienware AW3420DW computer monitor that has four customizable lighting zones that provide a perfect gaming ambiance with its WQHD resolution, sharp visuals, and color accuracy.

The model comes with a sleek design with thin bezels giving you maximum immersion along with a tilting adjustment feature that takes care of your neck.

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Another Best Monitor for Lost ARK: ACER CBL282K smiiprx

ACER CBL282K is a one of its kind 28-inch UHD monitor with a 4K resolution and frame-less wide-angle IPS display, in the CB2 series that quite literally takes you to the folklore world of Akresia. With the AMD Free Sync technology and zero frame design, you get to experience a spectacular immersion with in-depth visuals and no input lags.

Why is ACER CBL282K my choice as No2 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

The wide-viewing IPS panel gives you uninterrupted visuals when viewed from any angle up to 178 degrees. Its frameless design serves as an impeccable contender for a multi-monitor setup.

The AMD Radeon FreeSync synchronizes the visual frames with the graphic card of the game providing you a smooth transition of fast motion with no screen tearing or any artifacts.

CBL282K is enhanced with 90% DCI-P3 color technology that produces visually accurate images with enhanced eye care protection to keep a check on those sore eyes.

What advantages does ACER CBL282K have over other monitors?

  • AMD Radeon FreeSync with 4K UHD display This display along with a 4ms grey to grey response time provides well-synchronized images and reduces the chance of screen tearing and stuttering to minimum
  • TUV Certified Eye Safe Display ACER has collaborated with ophthalmologists to come up with this feature that is eye-friendly and minimizes the harmful blue light directly from the source all the while maintaining industry standards for spectacular visual quality
  • DCI-P3 wide color gamut The 90% DCI-P3 produces a color gamut diverse and more accurate than the sRGB setting
  • Ergonomic Stand This monitor comes with an ergonomic stand that helps you to optimize the orientation of your monitor according to your position, this can also be dismantled and positioned on the wall due to its added VESA compatibility

Final Verdict

Looking for a monitor that is designed to perform tasks requiring color accuracy and sharpness at the same time provides you with easy access to gaming? T

hen you have landed in the right place since ACER  CBL282K provides you the best of both worlds with its high-resolution frameless sleek display with sharp color detailings and gaming synchrony.

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Optimal Monitor For Lost Ark: Z-Edge U27P4K

The new Z-Edge monitor with its 27-inch wide-angle panoramic IPS display and 4K UHD resolution makes your transition into the gaming world of Lost Ark as smooth as butter with its unmatched vibrant and intricate visual details enhanced by HDR10 technology. The smart IPS panel does justice to its visuals by preserving them from any viewing angle.

Why is Z-Edge U27P4K  my choice as No 3 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

This monitor has finally made the cut and landed on the 3 positions in my list of gaming monitors for the lost Ark. The HDR10 technology provides you with the best viewing experience enabling you to locate enemies and demons in the darkest and dingiest corners.

The 4K 3840×2160 resolution provides you with a crystal clear visual feast from a grain of sand to a blade of grass. This monitor comes with 2 built-in speakers to reduce the space on your work desk. It is also provided with 2 HDMI, 2 Display Ports, and an additional audio jack of 3.5mm. 

What advantages does Z-Edge U27P4K have over other monitors?

  • 4K 3840×2160 UHD Display Experience the visual as you’re in one of the games with a 4K display that could be obtained at a refresh rate of 60Hz by getting it connected to the display port
  • HDR 10 The technology blessing your eyes with life-like and genuine visuals with color accuracy and picture clarity
  • Eye Care Technology Enriched with flicker-free eye care technology, Z-Edge makes your gaming experience eye-friendly and fatigue-free with its blue light filter mode adjusting your monitor display to warmer tones.

Final Verdict

This monitor laid with all the awe-inspiring features brings a different level of satisfaction to your gaming escapade making your adventurous journey through the lost ark a memorable one indeed.

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Ultrawide Monitor For Lost Ark: Acer Nitro XV340CK Monitor

A 34-inch computer monitor with an IPS panel display and a 3440×1440 resolution promises you an unforgettable and realistic journey through Altresia without compromising on the pixel quality hence making this model secure the fourth position on my list of best monitors for the lost ark.

Why is ACER Nitro XV340CK my choice as No 4 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

The UWQHD provides a wide-pixeled gaming experience that is visually phenomenal and immersive making it hard for you to come out of the game once you’ve immersed yourself in its stunning visuals. The 144 Hz refresh rate and response time of 1 ms decrease the chance of screen tearing and distortion providing you with a smooth and un crackled display.

What advantages does ACER Nitro XV340CK have over other monitors?

  • Ultra Wide QHD   Enhanced with HDR10, this display provides the user with vibrant and fresh images that follow color accuracy and makes every detail of the game from the darkest blacks to the brightest whites to be visible.
  • AMD Radeon Technology This technology ensures that the game frame rate is determined by the graphic card of the game rather than the refresh rate of the monitor hence providing you smooth motions and transitions while gaming
  • ComfyView Display The flicker-free and low blue light display makes sure to take care of your eyes during the time you are engrossed in the gaming world

Final Verdict

High-end gaming monitor features being offered at the price of $349 is something that you don’t get to see every day. The practicality of this monitor will make you enjoy your gaming from the comfort of your home all the while carrying out your work-related tasks on the same monitor

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Professional Monitor for MMORPG: LG 34GN850-B Monitor

This is a 34-inch greatness in an aspect ratio of 21:9 enhanced by a wide-angle IPS display panel with NanoTechnology and a curved screen. The NVIDIA G Sync compatibility complementing its 144 Hz refresh time and 1ms response rate is a match made in heaven destined to turn your gaming experience into no less than a divine reward.

Its DCI-P3 color gamut displays colors across a diverse range than a conventional sRGB, providing you with a life-like display closer to nature.

Why is LG 34GN850-B my choice as No 5 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

Being awarded the No 1 Gaming Designed Monitor in the US, LG 34GN850-B fulfills all of its pledges to provide you with the kind of gaming never experienced before.

The curved screen follows the curvature of your eyes with an IPS wide-angle view enabling you to visualize the demon legions in the darkest of the corners, no wonder this model has fallen into my list of best monitors for Lost Ark.

This model is a serious leap forward in terms of gaming monitors from the 34GP63-A which was a VA panel and had major issues of image ghosting,  LG 34GN850-B with its 1ms response rate and 165 Hz refresh time makes screen lag an ancient history.

What advantages does LG 34GN850-B have over other monitors?

  • Nano IPS 1ms The ultra-fast response time coupled with a refresh rate of 165 Hz ensures smooth shifting of frames with no screen tearing or image ghosting
  • HDR 400 VESA Display Experience a life-like display with HDR 400 and witness the pictures taking the form of life.
  • NVIDIA Verifies G-Sync Compatible This technology along with AMD Free Sync enables you to detect the movement of enemies the second they actually attempt it, without any screen lagging, and promises a fluid motion experience. 
  • Curved Bezel-less Screen with Tilt and Height Adjustment An edge-to-edge display with a thin bezel and a curved screen that delves you inside the world of ark enhanced by ergonomic adjustment of height and angles according to your optimization.
  • Exclusive Game Setting These features are absolutely designed to improve your gaming to a pro level with Dynamic Action Sync (DAS), Black Stabilizer, and Crosshair Feature

Final Verdict

LG 34GN850-B helps you to embark on a journey through Arkresia and explore the world of Lost Ark with visuals providing you a 98% DCI-P3 color gamut and a veristic appearance dissociating you from the real world around. In my opinion, this monitor is the ultimate reward for the gaming connoisseurs from Smilegate RPG.

Gaming Monitor for Lost Ark: MSI G27CQ4 Monitor

MSI is a well know Taiwanese tech company that has numerous gadgets under its belt. It’s latest offering MSI G27CQ4 monitor is the penultimate gaming partner one can hope for in terms of displaying prowess

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 Why is MSI G27CQ4 my choice as No 6 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

With its 27” compact display size and QHD resolution, G27CQ4 is what you need as a gamer especially if you’re one of the Lost Ark’s participants. It is laced with Adaptive Sync and a flicker-free screen, with an added advantage of a blue light filter, which is a must for gamers who choose to immerse themselves in the game for longer periods of time.

The display unit is cool, curved, and frameless in design with a micro stand achieving its goal of a clutter-free workstation that in turn amplifies the gaming experience.

The amazing features do not end at that, there is an ultra-fast refresh rate of 165 Hz with HDMI connectivity. All of this is at an economical cost of $273.77.

What advantages does MSI G27CQ4 have over other monitors?

  • Screen Size and Dimensions 27” display is nothing to scoff at when its 14.7” Dx24.1” Wx6.5” H makes it an ideal mate for the gaming experience. The stand itself is a sleek 2 legged unit, designed to avoid clutter in your space.
  • Resolution MSI G27CQ4 provides QHD so the gamer can fully enjoy the Lost Ark
  • Refresh Rate and Response Time Lost Ark, or indeed any high-speed fast-paced game cannot be enjoyed unless the screen refresh rate is high, as this model offers a 165 Hz refresh rate with a 1 ms response time.
  • Special Features G27CQ4 isn’t just your average monitor, it’s an experience. The curved screen offers you a unique 3D visual experience. The blue light filter makes sure your eyesight isn’t affected by the side effects of long-term gaming. The flicker-free screen prevents the gamer from going through fake stimuli during intense gaming. Its frameless monitor meshes the gaming environment with the background of your home, or gaming establishment, thus making it almost natural.
  • Connectivity HDMI ports give that essential option that all gamers need so as to enhance the visual experience of a game like Lost Ark

Final Verdict

For novices, gaming is just a distraction. However, for true veterans gaming is no side affair. It is to be enjoyed with full immersion and experienced with all senses. This monitor takes care of the visual part of this experience, with its curved display, amazing dimension, blue light filter, and high refresh rate designed to ensnare the visual sense into a complete joy this game aims to provide.

Curved Monitor: Samsung Odyssey G55A Monitor

Another excellent choice for gaming, in fact, the Samsung Odyssey series is a gaming standard among hardcore gamers, especially so, as the best monitor for a high-resolution game like Lost Ark.

Why is Samsung Odyssey G55A my choice as No 7 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

A heavyweight in this series, G5  is a futuristic Quad High Display monitor that comes in a curved stylish design. With its 32” size ideal for standard gaming domiciliary setups, the industrial gaming standard bearer Samsung has equipped this flagship monitor with Adaptive Sync and High adaptive range, along with a 165 Hz refresh rate and a connectivity option sorely missing in the ‐earlier G3 series.

Samsung Odyssey G55A is the answer that South Korean technology industry giant, Samsung, provides us gamers with the best monitor for high-resolution fast-paced games like Lost Ark.

What advantages does Samsung Odyssey G55A have over other monitors?

  • Refresh Rate The 165 Hz refresh rate is the go-to requirement for dealing with fast-paced and high-contrast situations in the game. Anything slower will result in a blurry and unaesthetic display while the game runs in full flow
  • Monitor Size The monitor size of 32” is itself ideal for a home-based gaming setup. It would fit ideally on a tabletop without the unappealing and wasteful clutter that no gamer wants. For a professional setup, this size is ideal since it allows for multiple monitors to be stacked side by side in a fashion that is aesthetically viable for gamers. The curved screen which is now almost nonnegotiable for gamers is another feather on the top of the gross structure of this gaming monitor.
  • Adaptive Synchronization Yet another feature that catapults G55A over other monitors considered best for Lost Ark is its Adaptive Sync. With this little nugget, the monitor will adapt intelligently to the gaming sequence, leading to a seamless gaming sequence
  • Connectivity HDMI, in my opinion, is the game changer amongst other Samsung odyssey series. The G3 series had no such connectivity option, leading to user preference being shifted to other brands.

Final Verdict

For a fast-paced game like Lost Ark, Samsung is the best choice especially since its stand is of a stylish spartan design that takes up little space. If your wallet allows you to float with your passion, then go for Samsung Odyssey G55A for the price of $329.99.

27 Inch Monitor for Gaming: KOORUI 27 Inch Monitor

Gaming is an expensive proposition, this is the generalized stereotype prevalent everywhere whenever gaming is mentioned. Lost Ark is no exception, whenever you enquire about the best gaming monitors for lost ark, the overall response would be that it will be expensive.

Look no further since KOORUI is an emerging brand fast outpacing the traditional stalwarts despite being considerably economical. Its latest offering is a 27” high-end monitor with futuristic display and style, the Adaptive Sync and QHD firmly establish itself in the realm of modern gaming.

 Why is  KOORUI 27” my choice as No 8 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

Gaming as we know it is a highly visual exercise, As such, the quality of monitors while playing video games like lost ark is of utmost importance. KOORUI is the answer to your gaming needs if you’re on a budget.

To round it off, KOORUI has a display port with HDMI, it also comes with a small stand that ensures clutter-free work whether personal or professional.

What advantages does KOORUI Computer Monitor have over other monitors?

  • Screen Size It may sound oxymoronic at first, but the smaller screen size of 27” might just be the blessing in disguise gamers were waiting for. Small workstations and desk size translate into smaller monitors for games like Lost Ark, thus the screen size is for modern times.
  • Display KOORUI monitor provides a gaming display of QHD 2560×1440 which is on par with the best monitors so that the gamer is not left behind in the interactive gaming experience.
  • Cost At $179.99, KOORUI offers a gaming monitor that gives you the ideal gaming graphics at a price that is palatable to the wallet as well

Final Verdict

The gaming experience required in Lost Ark is something that needs to be experienced without cleaning out one’s funds. KOORUI monitor offers the ideal solution to the gaming needs of the modern era.

Runner Up: ASUS TUF VG279Q1A Monitor

ASUS is a brand that is well known among technology and gaming professionals, its latest offering TUF VG279Q1A is the ultimate must-have gaming unit if you’re on a budget and want to enjoy the gaming experience that is Lost Ark.

With a 27” compact display and 1080p resolution is ideal for your display needs if you’re a fast-paced gamer. It has an ergonomic as well as economical advantage over others in terms of gaming experience.

Why is ASUS TUF VG279Q1A  my choice as No 9 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a game meant to be enjoyed by all, not just the elites. The blue light filter makes sure that the eyes are protected from long-term exposure. ASUS TUF VG279Q1A comes with a refresh rate of 165 Hz and 1 ms response time ensuring a lag-free and fluid gaming experience.

What advantages does ASUS TUF VG279Q1A have over other monitors?

  • Screen Size The 27” display provides an ergonomic advantage with dimensions that workout into a beautiful display unit
  • Refresh Rate 165 Hz Refresh rate with 1 ms response time provides a stutter and tear-free gaming experience with no motion blur
  • Special Features Blue light filter and flicker-free display protect the eyes from fatigue due to overexposure. Adaptive sync with built-in speakers and ergonomic tilt is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the compulsive need that the gamer must feel while buying this monitor

Final Verdict

ASUS TUF VG279Q1A is the ultimate monitor for the gamer who wants to have a complete gaming experience whilst not burning through their savings.

Runner Up: Samsung Odyssey G3 series LF24G35TFBNXZA Monitor

Another futuristic invention by the flag bearer of the gaming industry, Samsung. The Samsung Odyssey G3 comes in a 24-inch full HD display with a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time giving you a smooth and fluid-like transition between the frames.

 Why is Samsung Odyssey G3 (LF24G35TFBNXZA) my choice as No 10 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

Samsung, being the tech giant of the gaming industry has come up with gaming monitors that lie on both ends of extremes in terms of value for many whiles at the same time hardcore trying to provide the best features in a limited specs monitor. This monitor is one such example with its relatively less price and comparatively small screen, Samsung Odyssey G3 has managed to secure its way through my list of the best gaming monitors for Lost Ark. 

What advantages does Samsung Odyssey G3 (LF24G35TFBNXZA) have over other monitors?

  • 1 ms Response Time with a 144 Hz Refresh Rate  Your attacks on the demon legions will be as swift as reality with this response time and refresh rate, absolutely no motion blur, and eliminated input lag will make you feel like playing lost ark on some kind of a high-end computer monitor 
  • Free Movement of the display Now this is a feature that is going to conquer hearts, swivel your way through any position and adjust the height to your liking with its ability to pivot in any dimension
  • AMD Free Sync Premium Now avoid screen breaks, tearing, and stuttering with this technology promise=ing you a fluid swift motion
  • 3-sided borderless design With a practically borderless design, get a broad view by making a dual monitor setup and visualize your enemies in all the high and lows
  • Eye Saver Mode This monitor also offers a flicker-free and low blue light eye saver mode that reduced the strain on your eyes and makes your gaming fatigue-free for long stretches of time

Final Verdict

This monitor will give you a run-of-the-mill gaming experience in a more conventional setting with a resolution of 1080p that counts as a turn-off when compared to the bigger giant Odyssey G5, But if you’re running low on a budget yet aspire to be a gamer, then this my friend is for you.

Runner Up: KOORUI Monitor

Short on cash but can’t put away the desire to become a pro gamer at Lost Ark ? Then this KOORUI gaming monitor is for you. With a 24.5 inch full HD (1920×1080) VA panel and response time of 1ms and a 170 Hz refresh rate, this gaming monitor sets up as the perfect metaphor for value for money

 Why is KOORUI Computer Monitor my choice as No 11 in the list of best monitors for Lost Ark?

This model is last but not least on my list of best monitors for the lost Ark. Enriched with a 99% sRGB color gamut and a dynamic contrast ratio of 3000:1, you’ll be able to experience captivating details and sharp contrast enhanced by no motion blur or screen tearing due to its Adaptive-Sync technology

What advantages does KOORUI Computer Monitor have over other monitors?

  • Exceptional Color Setting This model is the epitome of color perfection with a dynamic contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a 16.7M color gamut giving you the picture perfection of your dreams
  • Outstanding Game Optimization Looking for a monitor that is budget friendly as well as game friendly? Then you’ve landed at the right place. The monitor is installed with FPS, RTS, and Crosshair modes providing you with a gaming experience at a fair price
  • Frameless Design The three-sided ultra-thin bezels give you an edge-to-edge display. Set it up in multimonitor fashion and land havoc on your enemies by visualizing them from every corner.

Final Verdict

The KOORUI monitor might not have a giant fancy display or expensive screen designs, but this monitor promises you the complete pleasure of gaming while not breaking the bank.

Here, our reviews on the Best Gaming Monitors For Lost Ark end. Now let’s get some know-how about other things as well.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Monitor For Lost Ark



For a good gaming monitor to perform well, there should be an AMD (FreeSync) or NVIDIA(G Sync) Adaptive Sync so the refresh rate of the frame gets synchronized to that of the games’ graphic card to minimize screen tearing 

Response Time 

The response time should be nothing higher than 5ms, or the lower the better since low response time minimizes motion blur and image ghosting.

Input Lag

An input lag of 15ms or less is generally preferred for MMORPGs like Lost Ark

Refresh Rate 

If you’re in for some hardcore gaming then don’t settle for a refresh rate of less than 120 Hz, some monitors offer 240 Hz but only opt for those if you’re using a big-size widescreen.

Screen Size 

For gaming enthusiasts, a screen size of 27 inches or smaller must be preferred since larger screens have a low refresh rate. If you tend to go for a large screen, then a curved one with a high refresh rate should be preferred.


A resolution of no less than 1920×1080 must be preferred when getting a gaming monitor

Panel Type

An IPS panel is widely preferred over TN or VA since the color gamut is much more diverse and color accuracy is much more with an IPS panel.

Additional Feature  

  • The contrast ratio should be no less than 1000:1.
  • Brightness at least 250 cd/m2 or higher.
  • HDR should be preferred.

The latest version of HDMI and Display Port needs to be present. USB Type C and Audio Jack is an added benefits.  

Why Aspect Ratio is Important in Monitors for Gaming?

The aspect ratio is the ratio of width to the height of the screen. There are three common aspect ratios for gaming monitors,16:9, 21:9, and 32:9. However, the standard 16:9 is preferred for gaming and provides less stretching and distortion. The other two aspect ratios provide a more immersive and ultrawide gaming experience but they are more expensive than the standard one.

Why do you Need a 21:9 Monitor for Lost Ark?

An ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio is preferred for lost ark since it gives a broader field of vision and helps you to visualize the PvP and PvE arena along with the early detection of bosses from far away.

Benefits of Using 21:9 Monitor

  1. A wide field of vision
  2. Beneficial for the tasks requiring productivity due to 33% more horizontal space
  3. Two or more windows can be opened for multitasking
  4. A better movie viewing experience
  5. Better view for graphical work since it minimizes the use of end-to-end dual monitor setup
  6. More immersion than a standard 16:9
  7. Great for audio and video editing due to more space in the horizontal axis
  8. More Excel columns while working on spreadsheets
  9. Multiple panes when working on Outlook
  10. Provides high resolution

Questions usually Gamers Ask:

Is Lost Ark more CPU or GPU-intensive?

While playing the Ark, the CPU usage can go up to or even more than 80% however the GPU usage remains at 40%.

How much fps does Rtx 3090 give lost ark?

At 1080p, RTX 3090 can give an fps of 200+ but at 4K resolution, it gives 96 fps.

Do you need a 21:9 monitor for the lost Ark?

A 21:9 wide screen provides an edge to the player by giving a wider field of view for player vs player and player vs environment arena.

Is Lost Ark a laggy game?

Users have reported lagging issues while playing the lost ark resulting in stuttering and FPS drop.

Is lost ark better on SSD or HDD?

SSD provides a better gaming experience on Lost Ark than HDD, it loads faster on SSD within a minute and a half as compared to HDD which take 3-5 minutes.

What resolutions are supported for the lost Ark?

Lost Ark can be supported by 1080p, 1440p, and 4k UHD.

Are ultra-wide monitors good for gaming?

Gamers usually prefer ultra-wide monitors since they give a wide field of view during fps and provide better immersion.

Final thought on Choosing the Best Monitor For Lost Ark

The above-mentioned list contains all the monitors that can change and enrich your Lost Ark gaming experience to a definite new level, invest in a good quality 21:9 inch ultrawide monitor, and delve into the world of quests, legends, and historical artifacts.

Try to opt for PCs with Free Sync or G sync available to reduce the chance of motion blur. Follow these little guidelines and I can bet you on it that it will redefine your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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