Do Monitors Have Speakers? Yes and No, Here’s Why

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Are you in search of the best monitor that will be able to provide you with a good display along with better audio quality but thinking about…

Do monitors have speakers?

Some monitors do come with built-in speakers but they do not have that standard that you might like. That’s why it’s recommended to use external speakers or audio systems for better experience OR you can use a TV as a monitor because TVs do come with good audio systems.

monitor with built-in speakers
An old pciture of my Old Philip Monitor with Built-in Speakers

Why don’t most monitors have speakers?

Most monitors do not have built-in speakers to keep costs down and maintain a slim design that is now a norm in the market.

Do gaming monitors have speakers?

Not all but some gaming monitors come with built-in speakers. It depends on the variety of models that have speakers. Many brands involved in making gaming monitors prefer features such as high refresh rates and fast response times to keep the design sleek and not include speakers to focus on gaming performance.

Here is a list of some models from different brands that manufacture gaming monitors with speakers:

  1. Sceptre Curved 24-inch Gaming Monitor (C248W-1920RN Series)
  2. KOORUI 24 Inch Gaming Monitor
  3. 3.Sceptre Curved 24.5-inch Gaming Monitor (C255B-FWT240)

Do Dell monitors have speakers?

Dell offers a wide range of monitors. And it depends on the specific model whether they include built-in speakers or not. Some Dell monitors come with built-in speakers, while other models focus on features such as display quality and color accuracy, high refresh rates and ergonomic design.

Here is a list of some models from Dell brand that manufacture gaming monitors with speakers:

  1. Dell S2421H 24-Inch Monitor
  2. Dell S2722QC 27-inch 4K Monitor
  3. Dell P2418HZM 24″ Video Conference Monitor

Do AOC monitors have speakers?

AOC offers a range of monitors, and the addition of built-in speakers varies from model to model. AOC monitors with built in speakers are typically found in their consumer oriented and multimedia focused models. Gaming monitors often prioritize other features like high refresh rates and fast response time, so they might not include speakers.

Here is a model from AOC that do comes with built-in speakers:

  1. AOC CU34V5CW 34″ Curved VA WLED Monitor

Do Acer monitors have speakers?

Just like other brands, the majority of the Acer monitors do not have in-built speakers but they usually provide HDMI ports that allow you to connect external devices and make it possible to have a sound.

Acer monitors that do come with built-in speaker functions are able to provide you basic sound like daily browsing, casual gaming or watching videos. They are suitable for everyday tasks. Keeping in mind these speakers are not up to the mark which can provide you extra clear sound for that you need to have external audio equipment.

Here is a list of some models from ACER monitors with speakers:

  1. Acer CB272 bmiprx 27″ Professional Monitor
  2. Acer Nitro 27″ KG273 Hbmix Monitor
  3. Acer SH242Y Ebmihx 23.8″ Monitor

Do Samsung Curved Monitors have speakers?

Among the wide range of Samsung brand products, their curved monitors are one of the amazing products. Talking about the speakers, many Samsung curved monitors don’t come with built-in speakers as the company sells more than 100 monitors but still has fewer monitors with built-in speakers. As manufacturers try to maintain its aesthetics, design and slimness. This is why they avoid connecting speakers to monitors.

Here is a list of some models from Samsung brand that manufacture gaming monitors with speakers:

  1. SAMSUNG 32-Inch S39C Series FHD Curved Monitor
  2. SAMSUNG S40VA Series 24-Inch Computer Monito
  3. SAMSUNG S80A Computer Monitor

Do MSI monitors have speakers?

MSI offers a range of monitors with different features but the presence of built in speakers is nil nada zilch. The targeted audience of MSI monitors are gamers or tech savvies mainly hence the need of built-in speakers in monitor among gamers is not that high.

Pros and cons of having a speaker with a monitor:

When considering whether to have a monitor with a speaker it is very important for the buyer or to the person who is interested in monitors about the benefits and drawbacks of the product.

On one hand, monitors with speakers can provide all the facilities to its users so that you are no longer in need of buying external audio devices or equipment. While on the other hand, where speakers provide convenience to its users on the same note they fail to deliver the same audio quality as external devices deliver.

old viewsonic monitor with builtin speakers
Old viewsonic monitor with built-in speakers

How do you know if your monitor has speakers?

  • Check the monitor’s specifications: The easiest way to find out if your monitor has built-in speakers is to consult the manufacturer’s specifications or user manual. This information can usually be found on the manufacturer’s website or in the product documentation that came with your monitor. Look for details related to audio or sound capabilities.
  • Physical inspection: Examine the monitor itself. If it has built-in speakers, you will typically see speaker grills or openings near the bottom or sides of the monitor. These openings are designed to allow sound to come through. Some monitors may also have labels or icons indicating the presence of speakers.
  • Check the settings: If you’re unsure and the monitor is already connected to your computer, you can check your computer’s audio settings to see if the monitor is listed as an audio output device. Here’s how you can do it in Windows:
    • Right-click the volume icon in the taskbar.
    • Select “Open Sound settings.”
    • Under the “Output” section, see if your monitor is listed as an available output device. If yes but not giving audio output then try updating required drivers and if you don’t see anything that can give a picture of monitor having speakers then no, your monitor is not with built-in speakers.

End Notes

In conclusion, the presence of speakers in monitors varies according to the specific brand and model. Monitors with built-in speakers do offer great convenience to its users. However audio quality may not match to the desired level as said above more than 2 times.

If audio quality is a priority then considering external audio devices will be a more suitable option.

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