Is AOC A Good Monitor Brand? | Detailed Answers

Is AOC A Good Monitor Brand

Hmm, so you finally decided to get yourself a #1 gaming monitor from AOC, but need a final confirmation on whether is AOC a good monitor brand. 

AOC (formerly Admiral Overseas Corporation) founded in 1934 with its headquarters in Taiwan is quite a well-known brand with direct competitors including Asus, Acer, Dell and many others in the monitor market. 

So, the answer to the question, Is AOC A Good Monitor Brand? Well, absolutely! AOC is not only good but excellent in the monitor category. I must say that those who don’t want to make a hole in their pockets should go for AOC branded Monitors considering their usage.

But what I said above is for those who can’t hold their horses, if you’re holding a cup of tea and want to dig deep, let’s get started with detailed information about AOC!

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is aoc good

So, Is AOC a Good Monitor Brand? (Detailed Answer)

AOC is a good choice for gaming monitors. Not the best (because the best monitors come at an expensive price tag), but AOC monitors are pretty great for the price. If you’re looking for affordable monitors with a decent performance, you should definitely opt for AOC.

Let’s go through all the things in detail that you need to know before getting an AOC monitor.

so is aoc is good monitor brand


If you’re looking for budget-friendly monitors that satisfy all of your demands, AOC is the brand for you. You will get a great monitor for a very reasonable price. AOC monitors are super affordable.

They’re famous for having great features for a low price compared to other brands and have high sales for a reason. Generally, the price ranges from $88 for low-priced options to $1500 for high-end ones. 

The low-priced options aren’t of course as dope but still pretty good for the price. They’re good for gaming, watching movies, and any task you can think of. The high-end ones, though, have better competitors for the same price. So if your budget allows, other brands for premium monitors are a better option.


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Performance is obviously the most important thing to consider when buying a monitor. So let’s look at what AOC monitors have to offer.

They have excellent display quality with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. The new monitors have a rapid response time of 0.5-1 ms. The refresh rate is almost always 120Hz or higher and goes up to 240Hz.

It’s outstanding for everyday use and perfect for gamers that demand smooth motion. They offer excellent colour accuracy and contrast. The monitors have various connectivity ports so connectivity will never be an issue whatever you use it for. So with respect to performance the answer to the question “Is AOC a good monitor brand?” is a definite yes! 


Build Quality

AOC has been one of the most reliable brands for monitors for many years now. The build quality is splendid. Like many other monitor brands AOC uses plastic for the manufacture of monitors, yet they look sumptuous. The models are compact and ideal for multi-monitor setups. The metallic stands in high-end models add to their luxurious look.

The low-end models, though, have plastic stands that aren’t as stable as aluminium/steel and may tremble. This is a considerable drawback. Fortunately, the high-end models don’t show this problem. If handled carefully they last between 10-15 years.

Build quality

Diverse Range of Models

AOC offers a very diverse range of models. At present, they sell up to 30 different models of monitors. They have a wide range of sizes, resolutions, height adjustments, connections, and prices. This will give you many options and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Diverse range of models

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Gaming Features

If you’re wondering whether you should get an AOC monitor for gaming, here are a few things that will help you decide. AOC monitors are well-known in the gaming area. They offer very fast refresh rates, curved screens, and full HD monitors. An admirable feature that these monitors have is the “Game Mode”.

The AOC 24G2SPU, for example, offers several Game Mode presets including ‘FPS’, ‘RTS’, ‘Gamer 1-3’, and ‘Racing’. These presets change settings in the OSD according to your needs. The default game modes however are not ideal so you can customise them according to your needs. Game Modes let you set ranges of colour, brightness, contrast, temperature etc how you like them.

Apart from this another important feature is that the monitors have several connectivity ports with most of them offering HDMI 2.0, VGA port, and DP cable. Most models also have USB ports. All these make it compatible with a gaming console. So they’re a great option for the perfect gaming experience.

gaming features


AOC monitors support innovative gaming and general technologies. AOC has been delivering exceptionally good monitor display technologies for more than 50 years now. The innovative features keep adding including a curved screen, faster refresh rate, a backlight system to regulate brightness, HDMI 2.1 technology, fast response time and many more. In short, these monitors have all the modern features and technologies you’re probably looking for.


Display Panel

AOC offers all kinds of display panels that include VA, IPS or TN panels. The displays are a standard flat screen, widescreen, or curved which gives you many options to choose from. The IPS monitors are useful for content creators who need to do critical colour work. VA is suitable for general use.

TN panels are great for tasks such as typing that don’t require perfect colour accuracy. They range from 23” to 34” in size and from 1920×1080 – 3840×2160 in panel resolution.

display pane;

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Customer Satisfaction

Their customer service is average. The customer service scoreboard gives them a rating of 117.39 (out of 200). Out of 10 the issue resolution was rated a 0, reachability just 6.3, friendliness 7, and knowledge of the product 7.8. The reviews on various websites are poor.

As per what I know, it’s quite difficult to get in touch with customer service, and if you do get in touch they take too long to get back to you. I haven’t seen any positive comments about their customer service so that’s your call if you’re okay with it.


The design is fantastic and gives the AOC monitors a modern look. They are compact and sleek. The displays are flat or curved, and many of them have a frameless design. If you’re someone who cares about aesthetics and how your monitor looks, AOC has amazing options for you. The bezel-less frames and distinctive monitor arms with wide screens really do give them a look comparable to leading brands. Some of them support VESA mount to let you keep it off your desk.


Pricing vs Quality

The quality and features of AOC monitors do not excel more than its premium competitors. They are, however, really good for the price considering they cost around 30% less. AOC is popular for offering some great features within a very affordable price range. If you are looking for a good monitor on a budget then AOC is the way to go. If, however, your budget allows other premium monitors to satisfy you in a better way.

Are AOC Monitors Good For Gaming?

Now the most important question for professional gamers, Is AOC a good monitor brand for their gaming? Without a doubt, yes!

To answer that in detail I’ll repeat that AOC has been popular in the gaming area for many decades now. It has all the features a gamer needs including fast refresh rates from 120Hz or high, very fast response, an FHD display and several gaming console-compatible connectivity ports to name a few.

They have an exclusive “Gaming Mode” that allows gamers to adjust the settings according to their visual demands. They’re fantastic for gaming in dark rooms. For well-lit rooms, however, other high-end brands may offer a better experience.

aoc monitor is good

Does AOC Make Their Own Monitors?

Yes, AOC manufactures their own monitors. AOC is a brand of TPV technology limited, that is labelled as the world’s largest LCD monitor manufacturer. 

Pros and Cons of AOC Monitors

Take a look at these pros and cons before making a decision:


pros of aoc monitor

Competitive Pricing

AOC monitors cost around 30% less than the competitors and offer almost the same features, so they’re extremely affordable. The pricing is really good for the quality.

Diverse Range of Models

AOC offers a diverse range of models from professional business panels to the best gaming displays. They cover a wide price range as well as designs including flat screens, wide screens, curved screens, and full HD IPS, VA or TN display panels.

Gaming-Focused Features

One of the features that make AOC monitors best for gaming is the Game Mode that it has to offer. It will allow you to set the colours, contrast, and brightness as per your demands. The monitors also have a fast response rate, a high frame rate for smooth motion and FHD monitors for the best gaming experience.

Technological Advancements

With advancements in technology, AOC has made sure their monitors come up with the latest features to make the user experience as good as it possibly can be. AOC has all the up-to-date features in its monitors including curved screens, quick response time and fast refresh rates.

Decent Performance

I can’t stress enough that even though the performance does not exceed the one of other premium high-end monitors, it still competes for a lower price. The performance is great for the price it has to offer.


cons of aoc monitor

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Inconsistent Quality

AOC monitors are not as consistent in performance as other leading brands. They have inconsistent refresh rates that fluctuate and may be responsible for your gaming experience to be worse than your expectations.

Limited Warranty

The standard warranty for AOC products is limited to just 3 years from the date you purchase it. LED panels are an exception that has a one-year warranty. The original packaging is necessary to keep it safe, otherwise, you’ll have to pay an additional fee. 

Mediocre Customer Support

AOC doesn’t have very good customer service and most of the reviews online are poor. It is almost always difficult to get in touch with them and get your issue resolved.

Limited Availability of Advanced Features

AOC monitors do offer many of the latest features but they still do not compete with other premium monitors in adjustable luminance, contrast ratio, response rate, USB ports etc. The IPS glow is too much and the refresh rate of the monitor isn’t always consistent.

Potential Backlight Bleeding

With AOC monitors there is a probability of backlight bleeding that is more evident in the dark. This results in an uneven lighting on the screen and there is no way to completely fix this problem. 


Are AOC monitors made in America?

No, AOC monitors are not made in America. It is a brand of TPV technology limited based in Taiwan.

How does AOC compete with other brands?

AOC is a reliable and affordable brand. It has many options if you’re on a budget. That is one thing that gives it an edge over the most expensive brands. It does also offer most of the features any basic monitor should have for a low price.

Does my AOC monitor come with a warranty?

Yes, AOC monitors have a 3-year warranty. LED Panels are an exception as they have a one-year warranty. Keeping your original packaging safe is necessary otherwise you’ll be charged extra.

What is the refresh rate of AOC?

The refresh rate of most models is higher than 120 Hz and goes up to 240 Hz. The monitor C27G2, for example, has a refresh rate of 165 Hz.

What is AOC full form?

The full form of AOC is Admiral Overseas Corporation, founded in Chicago, Illinois, and later established in Taiwan in 1967

Are Acer and AOC the same?

No, Acer and AOC are not the same. Though both are based in Taiwan, Acer is a completely different hardware and electronics corporation.

Is AOC monitor good for the eyes?

The AOC Low Blue Light and Flicker Free Technology are believed to ease eye discomfort when looking at the screen for long hours. The models with curved screens also help reduce eye strain as the amount of eye movement needed to view the whole screen is reduced.

End Note

To summarise, AOC monitors are a fantastic option if you’re looking for a monitor with a great performance and low price. The monitors offer a wide range of features that you can select from according to your personal preferences and needs. Although it has some disadvantages, the advantages outweigh them. I hope this article has helped clarify your confusion and make up your mind.

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