Pros And Cons of IPS Displays for Gaming

Pros And Cons of IPS Displays for Gaming

Every gaming enthusiast wishes to immerse himself completely in the virtual world. As a gaming enthusiast, I understand the importance of having a high-quality IPS (In-Plane Switching) display for gaming. When selecting the best IPS displays for gaming, one must consider weighing the advantages and disadvantages to make informed decisions.

On the bright side, such gaming panels offer amazing color reproduction and wide viewing angles which ensure an immersive gaming experience. However, I also need to consider the negative aspects of such IPS displays such as their slower response times and potential for motion blur, both of which can affect the fast-paced gaming experience. 

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Pros and Cons of IPS Displays for Gaming

There are many pros of IPS displays for gaming but some cons too! Let’s discuss all of them at once!


pros of ips panel

IPS (In-Plane Switching) Displays offer a variety of advantages that acutely make them an excellent choice for gamers like us seeking top-notch visuals and an immersive gaming experience. Here we talk about a few pros you must consider before getting yourself an IPS display for gaming. 

Accurate Color Reproduction

Accurate color reproduction on an IPS display enhances the gaming experience. I can trust the colors displayed on the panel are faithful to the intended design, appreciating vibrant visuals. No crucial details are missed, maintaining immersion on such displays. It allows me to enjoy my games as the developers intended, providing a visually stunning gaming experience for everyone like me. 

Wide Viewing Angle

The wide viewing angle of an IPS display benefits me and others during gaming. You can enjoy clear visuals from various positions, without losing color accuracy or details. Your friends too can watch and play with you. The wide viewing angle enhances our gaming experience, ensuring everyone can comfortably enjoy the game without compromising visual quality. 

Good Contrast Ratio

The good Contrast ratio of an IPS display enhances my gaming experience. It brings richness and depth to the visuals, making dark scenes in the game immersive and look real. Let me tell you that you can even see intricate shadows and intense highlights which will make you feel like you are in the game. This feature helps me ensure that I don’t miss any important visual cues, providing a captivating gaming experience for everyone playing with me. 

Fast Response Times

The fast response time of an IPS display enhances my gaming experience. With minimal input lag, I have precise control in fast-paced games. Because of this feature motion blur is eliminated, ensuring smooth transitions and sharp visuals. It gives me a competitive edge and creates a responsive gaming experience benefiting both my immersion and enjoyment as well as others playing alongside me.

Consistent performance

Consistent performance of an IPS display is crucial for me and all gamers. It ensures smooth and uninterrupted gaming, eliminating lags, flickering, or distortions with reliable performance. I can focus on my skills without worrying about technical glitches. It installs confidence allowing me to fully enjoy gaming sessions and providing an optimal experience for all gaming enthusiasts.

Eye friendly

An IPS display’s eye-friendly nature benefits my well-being during gaming with reduced eye strain and fatigue. I can engage in longer sessions comfortably. Wider viewing angles and accurate colors minimize eye strain. Adjustable brightness and low blue light emission protect my eyes. This feature allows for sustainable gaming and a more enjoyable experience for all


An IPS display versatility enhances my gaming experience with wide viewing angles, accurate colors and fast response times. Whether playing action games, exploring open worlds or immersing in RBGs, the IPS display lets me appreciate graphics to the fullest. Its flexibility caters to diverse gaming preferences providing an immersive platform for everyone enjoying different game types. 

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cons of ips display

While there are many advantages of using IPS displays for gaming, one can not ignore the disadvantages of using such displays for gaming. Let’s talk about the cons of IPS displays for gaming. 

Potential Backlight Bleeding

One issue I have encountered with IPS displays when gaming, is potential backlight bleeding. It can be quite distracting, especially during dark or cinematic scenes in games. Many gamers including me have noticed uneven lighting along the edges of the screen which takes away from the overall visual experience. It bothers gamers because we want our gaming sessions to be immersive and seamless. 

Higher Costs 

Let me tell you that I have found that IPS displays tend to come with a higher cost when it comes to gaming. It can be a bit discouraging for me and other gamers, especially when we compare the prices to other display technologies. IPS panels offer excellent color accuracy and wide viewing angles, which are important for gaming, but the premium price tag can be a barrier for many of us gamers. 

Power Consumption 

I have noticed that IPS displays tend to have higher power consumption when it comes to gaming. It is something that concerns gamers like me because I want to be mindful of my energy usage and environmental impact. The increased power requirements not only affect my electricity bills but also contribute to a larger carbon footprint.

It would be great to see advancements in IPS technology that reduce power consumption without sacrificing the vibrant colors and image quality that we gamers love. 

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How LCD Panel Type Affects Performance

From my experience, the choices of LCD Panel type can significantly impact our gaming performance in contrast to IPS displays. The superior response time of TN panels ensures minimal motion blur, providing a smoother gaming experience, especially for fast-paced games.

However, TN panels fall short when it comes to color accuracy and viewing angles which are better in IPS displays, making them a great choice for gamers like us who want an incredible and immersive gaming experience. 

How LCD Panel Type Affects Performance

Types of LCD Technology

Let’s now talk about a few types of LCD technology. 

E-IPS (Enhanced IPS)

With its vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, it brings my visual experience to a whole new level. 

The improved response time ensures smooth and fluid motion, whether I am watching movies or playing games. The enhanced IPS Display also offers excellent color accuracy and contrast making every image of the game come to life. 

H-IPS (Horizontal IPS)

The wide viewing angles of the horizontal IPS display allow me to enjoy gaming comfortably from any position without any concerns about color shifts or loss of clarity. Its exceptional color reproduction ensures that every image on my screen looks incredibly accurate while playing games. 

S-IPS (Super IPS)

S-IPS offers a truly remarkable gaming experience. It has completely won me over with its exceptional brightness and clarity. Gamers like me can enjoy gaming even in bright sunlight without any visibility issues. The wide viewing angles ensure that everyone playing games with me can experience the stunning visuals of the game, no matter where they are seated. 

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AH-IPS (Advanced High Technology IPS)

Gamers can’t get enough of the AH-IPS displays. The advanced features of this IPS display truly set it apart. The enhanced color accuracy and high pixel density make every image of the game on my screen appear incredibly sharp and lifelike.

The improved response time ensures smooth and seamless motion making gaming an absolute delight for gamers like us. With advanced high-technology IPS, my visual experience reaches new heights of clarity, immersion, and overall satisfaction.

PLS (Plane To Lines Switching)

Let me tell you PLS is simply fantastic when it comes to gaming displays. PLS displays have a far more expansive color gamut that’s ideal for gamers including me who require the most natural-looking images and color options. The images on the display screen appear vibrant and lifelike and it gives an immersive gaming experience.

The PLS technology ensures that I can enjoy the stunning visuals of the game from any angle, making it a true pleasure for me to engage in the games.

Nano IPS 

The nano IPS display for gaming delivers exceptional color accuracy and wide color gamut, creating visuals of the games that are vivid and lifelike. Let me tell you that I am blown away by the precise color reproduction and enhanced brightness it offers. Whether I am playing games on my own or playing it with friends, Nano IPS immerses me in a world of stunning visuals and unmatched clarity. It’s a game-changer for my visual experience and I couldn’t be happier with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are IPS Monitors good for gaming?

As a gamer, I can confidently say that IPS monitors are fantastic for gaming. The vibrant and accurate colors that are reproduced by the IPS technology, elevate my visual experience during gameplay. With wide viewing angles. I can enjoy consistent image quality from any position. The quick response time minimizes motion blur and ghosting, ensuring smooth and fluid gameplay.

Is IPS better for FPS?

Let me tell you that I have found that IPS displays might not be the ideal choice for FPS gaming. Although IPS displays excel in color reproduction and wide viewing angles, their slightly higher response time can lead to minimal motion blur, impacting the precision and responsiveness crucial in fast-paced FPS games. For optimal performance in FPS gaming, I lean towards monitors with lower response times such as TN (Twisted Nematic) or VA (Vertical Alignment) panels.

Which panel is better for gaming?

In my experience, the best monitor panel type for gaming is OLED. Because of its lower response time, it becomes an ideal choice for gamers like me to enjoy our gaming. The second best panel for gaming would be an IPS display. With its fast response time, high color gamut and viewing angles, IPS displays tend to have the most accurate colors.

Is IPS better than VA 4K gaming?

In my opinion, IPS panels are generally considered better than VA panels for 4K gaming. The superior color accuracy and wider viewing angles of the IPS displays make the gaming experience more visually appealing and immersive. But VA panels offer better contrast ratios and deeper blacks which make them a good choice for black and other dark scenes in gaming.

Is LED or IPS better for eyes?

In my experience, IPS displays are considered better for eyes compared to LED displays. IPS panels provide wider viewing angles and superior color accuracy, resulting in reduced eye strain and fatigue. Although LED displays can be bright and energy-efficient, the visual comfort and eye-friendly characteristics of IPS panels make them my preferred choice for extended periods of screen time.

Is IPS better than AMOLED?

IPS displays are generally considered to be better than AMOLED displays. IPS panels offer more accurate color reproduction, and wider viewing angles, ensuring consistent image quality from various perspectives. While AMOLED displays offer deeper blacks and higher contrast ratios, they may sometimes exhibit color inaccuracies and color shifting. For me, the superior color accuracy and wider viewing angles of IPS panels,l make them the preferable choice for an overall better visual experience.

Is the IPS panel repairable?

Let me warn you that the IPS panels are generally not repairable. If there is damage to an IPS panel such as a cracked screen, it usually requires a complete replacement of the panel. IPS panels are intricate and complex making it challenging to fix issues without professional expertise. Therefore, in case of any significant damage to an IPS panel replacement is often the recommended course of action.

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In short, IPS displays offer a range of advantages and disadvantages for gaming enthusiasts to consider. The accurate color reproduction, wide viewing angles, good contrast ratio, fast response times, consistent performance, eye-friendly nature and versatility of IPS displays greatly enhance my gaming experience. However, potential backlight bleeding, higher costs, and increased power consumption are some of the potential drawbacks of these displays.

Despite the cons, IPS displays remain a popular choice among gamers like me who seek stunning visuals, immersion, and overall satisfaction in their gaming sessions.

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